Uncategorized November 28, 2022

The House on the Hill

Imagine walking into a historical home over 100 years old and pieces of the ceiling nestled all over the floor. Some updates scattered about the old home, but most done incorrectly or worse missing main components of the home. As you walk through the dark cold drafty house with 10 feet ceilings you happen to notice some beautiful intricate details such as ten-inch baseboards and very unique door moldings. After being on the market for over two months I am sure several people could not see past the cobwebs, broken plaster, or even the leaking roof. But my husband and I could imagine a cardboard box becoming a $300k home. Not only the house was interesting to say the least, but the acre of land was unique of its own.

Clear your mind for a minute and imagine a large white haunted house nestled away up on a hill in the middle of the woods. Trees all around and your neighbors are over an acre away hidden in the dark woods. The only time you can see them is when all the leaves have fallen from the trees. Well, I am sure you can imagine what everyone is thinking. Even the subcontractors who we walk through the house have the look on their face in either disbelief or thinking we are crazy. Yes, with a blind eye you may not see or imagine the potential, but my husband has been in the renovation industry for over twenty years. He has seen and done it all! It was only a matter of time when we joined forces with my real estate career and Estes Remodeling and Restoration LLC for us to embark on this journey.

So now we are about to have you sit back and take a seat so you can follow this journey with us! The renovation goal is set for six months with a budget of two hundred thousand dollars.

Only a few can imagine, but it only takes one with courage to embark on that journey.