Courtesy Of The Tiny County Village Of Foster Is Recalled - Rootsweb   House On the Hill Continued….

Only if walls could speak!! Imagine taking ownership of a house that is over 150 years old and finding a long story behind the property.  I can’t start explaining the renovations until you hear the story! If you are from the area in or near Landon or Maineville, Ohio this story is for you!

In 1865  William S. Foster purchased property on the west side of the river near Morrow and Maineville close to the end of the bridge. The property would later become the location of the Miami Inn . William also purchased property from his grandfather, Henry Foster. This property would be located across the turnpike from the Greely Mill, next to his father, James' residence and become his family's residence. William would later sell a small portion of the property  ( My HOUSE ON THE HILL) (next to the turnpike) to S. B. Greely who would also build his residence.
Next, in 1887  Augustus Hoppe and his brother Ernest purchased Seth Greely Mills and property. August had previously owned and operated Liberty Mills on Davis Road. While Ernest purchased the Greely hillside
residence, both brothers would together purchase the grist mill on the upper side of the mill and few more properties.

From the research I found  the property stayed in the family for many years. There are a few gaps that I am still trying to uncover, But I do know in the 70’s our new neighbor and  old owner of the property Mr. Higgins and utilized it as a rental.